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We're committed
to sustainability.

We know you are, too.


Green is our colour

There’s no guaranteed future of work (or anything, for that matter) without a symbiotic approach to sourcing and manufacturing. That’s why, for us, sustainability is about more than making sure we stand by our own principles – it’s about standing by yours.

We hold ourselves and all of our commercial partners to the very highest standards, insisting on complete transparency about where each piece of furniture comes from and how it was produced. We don’t stand for poor environmental practices, and we’ll only ever recommend or supply products that meet our green criteria, so you can make conscious choices with a clear conscience.

Areas of focus:


Policy & governance

We’re totally committed to maintaining compliance with ISO 14001:2015 and other relevant legislation. We conduct regular internal audits including an annual management review. We’re also subject to independent audits by recognised bodies which sometimes include our customers themselves.


Meeting our targets

We set ambitious environmental objectives and targets following our audits and management review. They’re communicated across the entire team and everyone buys into them completely – we all have a long-term stake in achieving successful outcomes.


Earth-sensitive materials and production

As a service provider in a product-led industry, direct relationships with manufacturers is a must for us. We’ll never select furniture from a catalogue with no questions asked. If a piece of furniture hasn’t been designed with minimal impact, long product lifecycle and a circular economy in mind, it’s a deal-breaker for us.


We fundamentally believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, with respect and dignity. This is our unbreakable code when it comes to our own people and the employees of our partners and suppliers.

"Furniture should be leading other industries in the drive to a circular economy. You can make furniture from so many materials - bio-derived and recycled, not just virgin metal and plastics. And we have a vibrant furniture manufacturing sector supporting skilled jobs and communities in the UK so informed choices in furniture can make a positive change for people and planet."

John Miller - Mark Product

The Future

Sustainability is a constantly evolving area and we’re always looking for ways to improve. We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking company, so keeping on top of new technologies, innovations and practices and incorporating them into our business and offering is a top priority.

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